Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait @ Cakes to Die For in Frederick Maryland

Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait @ Cakes to Die For in Frederick Maryland

A cup of joy to die from like a Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait from a fun Cakes to Die For shop on main street Frederick in Maryland. It's a bit of a drive from the city, but this town is worth the travel with some great foodie places. We already had one dess...
California Style Burrito from El Ranchero

California Style Burrito $10 @ El Ranchero (CLOSED)

Sometimes big things come in big packages! Like this ginormous nomnom burger. They do like big things in Frederick. Dam so hard to finish this thing might need the help of a friend. It is packed to the max with so much meat, rice, and other goodies that it can...
Turkish Pizza from Mediterranean Grill

Turkish Pizza @ Mediterranean Grill

Tiny pizza appetizers. That is the most un-pizza looking pizza. Look more like open rolls. Nice little tomato sauce flavor on the inside. Served with a yummy tzatziki cucumber yogurt dip. I can dip anything into it. www.medgrillusa.com ...
Swordfish Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Swordfish Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

My food has a sword. Kind of with it was a bit sharper. It was a bit bland and left my tommy wishing for more. Even french fries tasted like nothing was there. www.medgrillusa.com ...
Chicken Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Chicken Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

Kabobs goodness. Grilled chicken and grilled veggies on a stick. iOn a stick is always better. Tasted a bit bland and as if something was missing. This dish comes with great seasoned roasted potatoes. That was probably the best part of the meal. www.medgril...