Maple Pulled Pork & Fried Eggs $13 @ Paladar in Gaithersburg Rio Maryland

Upgrade Your Brunch to Next Level with Pork, Eggs and Cornbread @ Paladar

Upgrade your brunch to the next level with a unique fusion dish like Maple Pulled Pork & Fried Eggs from Paladar a new Latin restaurant in Gaithersburg. Their location in a newly built town center bring some super tasty and fun American / Hispanic fusion dishe...
Kettle Corn @ J Wave's Kettle Corn at Taste of DC

Kettle Corn $2 @ J Wave’s Kettle Corn at Taste of DC

Pop my magic corn for dessert from a food truck at Taste of DC 2014, this year's biggest foodie event. Great way to end your adventure with a tasty treat. I am a total dessert size queen and always want the biggest, but this small is way too big big. If this i...
Soy Ginger Salmon @ Union Jack's Rio

Soy Ginger Salmon $18 @ Union Jack’s Rio

I am diving into some nightlife seafood in Rio Gaithersburg in the DC metro area. If you want something on a lighter side dinner, than this salmon dish is for you. Nice and thick pan-seared salmon fillet with a sizable portion of coconut cilantro rice and aspa...
Crispy Goat Cheese from Cafe Deluxe Gaithersburg

Crispy Goat Cheese $9 @ Cafe Deluxe Gaithersburg

Whaa we eating a salad? Crazy world, but it does happen sometimes. Its time to try some very light and healthy sounding. Very light fresh mixed veggie salad with cherries and corns nuts. LOL NUTS! Just love the slightly fried crispy goat cheese thignies. Waite...
Strawberry Cheesecake from Sweetz Cheesecake Truck

Strawberry Cheesecake @ That Cheesecake Truck

CHEESECAKE ON THE STICK! Always up for some food truck dessert at Gathering DC vs Baltimore Food Trucks. That is one of the most amazing creations ever made. It was a piece of legit cheesecake covered in thick thick layer of chocolate on a stick. Makes so easy...
Chicken Quezadillas from Ay Jalisco

Chicken Quezadillas @ Ay Jalisco

I think any mexican restaurant noming must start with some good old quezadillas. You can never go wrong with this very simple, but tasty dish. Good mix of gooie cheesy goodness with soft chicken. They really packed it solid! I really liked the tortilla, it add...
World Champion Burger from BGR

World Champion @ BGR

We eat like champions. Oh yea famous burger that won 3rd place in World Food Championship? Can't pass this by. This is one great burger to bite into! I just love the strange roasted onion marmalade on top and of course fried egg is always an excellent choice. ...
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Eggnog Shake @ BGR

Tis the season to be hoggy, la la la, la la la! Another great addition for the winter holiday season goodies. Bring on the egg nog, its like bacon goes well in any form. You can really taste egg nog and vanilla ice cream with every sip. Its pretty thick so mak...
Dr Ecker the Checker Sandwich from Roy's Place

Dr Ecker the Checker Sandwich $14 @ Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

Yes, bring me all your nomdwiches, Its hard to pick one best sandwich when they are 220+ sandwiches on the menu. I just opened a page and randomly point. This time fait got me an awesome #141 Honey Roasted Pork with Shrimp Salad. Oh wow this was so good. Super...
Filipino Food from Lumpia Pansit

Filipino Buffet @ Lumpia Pansit Atbp

Nothing like all you can nom. Mhhh this was super nomnom adventures! I'm in love with all their meats. Very soft and super flavorful. Lots of sweet flavors with their meat dishes. Fried rice and noodles were also delicious. I think I found a new favorite place...
Mac & Three Cheese from Corner Bakery

Mac & Three Cheese @ Corner Bakery

My new cheese corner. New addition to their Hearty Pasta section. At first I was surprised that this portion is considered large, but trust me it will fill you up and then some. This is not just hearty, its heartynormouse with some very nomnom cheeses. www....
Reuben from Wow Deli

Reuben $7 @ Wow Deli

Oh hot corn beef mama. Now this is a great greasy lunch sandwich. Perfect greasy combination for hungry person. That is one giant slap of meat and juice. www.wowdeli.net ...