Classic Custom Burger from Cheeburger Cheeburger

Classic Custom Burger @ Cheeburger Cheeburger

Pepsi-Pepsi! No Coke. I just packed this thing with everything and anything from their build custom burger menu. What can I say, I like a well packed burger. Not a bad burger, I enjoyed it very much and will have to stop by for more. It was pretty cool to lear...
Habanero Carnitas Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen

Habanero Carnitas Pizza @ California Pizza Kitchen

I'm a big fan of pulled pork, but not so much of this take on it (2/5 NOMs). It seemed bland, and pulled pork was missing most of its flavor. It comes with SPICY habanero salsa, but that was very weak as well. Weak even by my white boy standards. I was sad si...
Caramelized Peach Salad from California Pizza Kitchen

Caramelized Peach Salad @ California Pizza Kitchen

I think I love everything caramelized! Got to balance your pizza order with half salad. It makes for a healthy choice. This salad has a nice mix of greens, toasted pecans and caramelized peaches. You can never go wrong with peaches. ...
Raunchy Raymond from Roy's Place

Raunchy Raymond @ Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

Its all about the Raymond. Say hello to my new favorite sandwich $95. This is a must try place with over 200 different and unique sandwiches. Liek all their sandwiches, they make sure to pack so much that it might just explode from been overloaded. Comes with ...
Alehouse BBQ Burger from Dogfish Head

Alehouse BBQ Burger $10 @ Dogfish Head

Bacon & burgers is great! Bacon in burgers? Even better!! Excellent burger, hands down. The double beef patty goodness was very tasty. Great sauce, great everything! I was very impressed. If you like like beer and burgers, then this is your place. Comes with a...
Deep Fried Oreos from Montgomery County Fair

Deep Fried Oreos @ Montgomery County Fair

Deep fried things is why fairs exist! or at least why you should go there. No other reason! Deep fried breading goodness with gooey melted Oreo inside. I like how there is not too much powder suger on top, because you don't really need to add more sweet unheal...
Double Angus Beef Burger from YumBurger

Double Angus Beef Burger $12 @ YumBurger (CLOSED)

Burgelishies nomster attacking! There is a new burger place in town, s @ King Farm, Rockville. Love the create your own burger! Its a build your own burger place so I packed mine with horseradish cheddar, pickles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, fried egg, ...
The Dirty Tom Glen from Roy's Place

The Dirty Tom Glen $12 @ Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

Is it a crime to double it? I went to one of our most favorite places that have over 200 different sandwiches. There are so many crazy different options. It has committed a crime! By accidentally ordering same sandwich #79 again from Roy's Place. It is packed ...
Father's Defeat from Roy's Place

Father’s Defeat @ Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

Its time for #35. Let it be know that no one shall defeat it this sandwich. Apparently father like sausages in his sandwiches. Like all sandwiches at this place, they pack a whole lot of nomnom things like three Italian pork sausages, broiled provolone cheese ...
Dirty Tom Glen from Roy's Place

Dirty Tom Glen @ Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

You are dirty, dirty boy! Its #79 order at our favorite sandwich shop that has over 200 different sandwich orders. Comes with so much meat, might have made us feel a bit dirty with ham, salami, and chicken bosom. Mhhh love been dirty. www.roysplacerestauran...
The Jack The Jejune Sandwich from Roy's Place

The Jack The Jejune Sandwich @ Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

Jack the giant slayer! Time for #65 at our favorite sandwich shop with over 200 different sandwiches. That thing is so big, not sure my mouth can handle it. There is a lot going on under that bread turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato & crab salad club. Comes with spe...
Dracula Sandwich from Roy's Place

Dracula Sandwich @ Roy’s Place (CLOSED)

Does it bite? Dracula does like his sausages. Going with #118 order from menu with over 200 different and unique sandwiches. Got to try them all. Two giant polish sausages wrapped in bacon on white bread and some coleslaw. Get ready to unhinge your jaw to fit ...