Silver Spring

Whitestone Pizza from Flippin Pizza

Whitestone Pizza $18 @ Flippin Pizza

Trust me, it's worth the money! Love all the cheesiness here. It's so big that 3 of us barely finished half of it. Comes with Fresh Garlic, Ricotta, Basil, Mozzarella and Parmesan. www.flippinpizza.com ...
Bronx Pizza from Flippin Pizza

Bronx Pizza $18 @ Flippin Pizza

Don't flip out about #Irene hurricane Excellent pizza with the just-right mixture for hungry people. Trust me its worth the money. It's so big that 3 of us barely even finished half. This dish comes with onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, black olives, sausage, gre...
Dominican Chicken from Los Arrieros

Dominican Chicken @ Los Arrieros (CLOSED)

I asked which is better, Dominican or Columbian Chicken? Waiter said, Dominican hands down. Such a soft and tender chicken with super nomnom sauce over with rice! That is one very big portion you might just have trouble finishing or perhaps share with some fri...
Grilled Chicken from Roger Miller

Grilled Chicken $9 @ Roger Miller

There are a lot of chicken places in Silver Spring. They love chicken! Trying to find the best ones in the area we tried an authentic African grill. Dam was it good, tasted completely unique from rest of the chicken places. You can substitute plantains for ric...
Deli Twin from Parkway Deli in SIlver Spring

Deli Twin $9 @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

Aww twins so cute! So sad to eat! Or not. Not a bad order of two small sandwiches Hot Corned Beef & Pastrami. Just thought it would be more sandwich wise. Won't be getting this next time. Comes with pastrami, onion bread, potatoes fries and hot corned beef. ...
Marinated Beef Ribeye from H Mart

Marinated Beef Ribeye @ H Mart

Great marinated beef. Already soaked in sauces and ready to cook in just few minute. Super soft and tender meaty goodness. You must check out this Asian supermarket chain. It's like Safeway or Giant, but with all Asian things! www.hmart.com ...
Hash Brown Omelet from Parkway Deli

Hash Brown Omelet $9 @ Parkway Deli in Silver Spring

We moving to omelet town. Most amazing omelet ever created! Its an omelet stuffed with hash brown. How crazy is this town! Also packed with bacon and melted cheddar. Also comes with a choice of toast, english muffin or bagel. Whole lot of food for such a low p...
Black Russian Bagel from Goldberg's Bagels

Black Russian Bagel @ Goldberg’s Bagels

Ones you go russian, you won't go back. Perfect morning bagel with some cream cheese. So much flavor, it just blew my taste buds away. So happy to have some authentic tasting Eastern European rye breadiness. This time of bread is more common in Eastern Europe ...
Capuchino Flavo Iced from Eggspectation

Capuchino Flavo Iced @ Eggspectation

You whip me round and round. Such a pretty presentation with those little whip thingnies on top. Sadly the whip cream was the only good thing about the drink. It tasted so bland and disappointing. I really should have gone to Starbucks and spent less for bette...