New York City

Chocolate Cake from Alice's Tea Cup New York City

Chocolate Cake $7 @ Alice’s Tea Cup

Oh my ears and whiskers, cake time! Got to enjoy some desserts from Alice in Wonderland themed tea shop in New York City. Its the multi level of chocolate goodness with butter cream frosting! Perfect birthday cake. Every bite is a moan of joy. www.alicestea...
Tea from Alice's Tea Cup New York City

Tea @ Alice’s Tea Cup

Off with their head! You can't pass by Alice in the Wonderland themed tea shop near Central Park New York City. The menu contains an extensive assertion of teas to choose from. This was some of the best tea I have ever tasted! You must stop by this place. w...
Lumberjack Pancakes from Skylight Diner New York City

Lumberjack Pancakes $9 @ Skylight Diner

I'm a Lumberjack! Lets eats all the meats possible for breakfast in New York City. Sometimes you just have to eat like a lumberjack before a long day of work. Or you just want to pig out and sing a song "I'm a lumberjack!." Look at all the stuff going on there...
Pannacotta from Il Bagatto

Pannacotta @ Il Bagatto

Yes, you can eat fluffy clouds. Dessert is the way to finish our Italian noming in New York City. First, look it didn't appear as tasty as it turned out to be. It was so soft and light that I thought I was eating a cloud. This is the type of dessert you want t...
Brie Cheese Sandwich from Sugar Cafe New York City

Brie Cheese Sandwich $10 @ Sugar Cafe

Cheesefy me! I just couldn't pass by the brie sandwich noming in New York City. I don't think I've had brie sandwich like this before. Just look at that extreme over cheesyness! It doesn't come with bacon, but you know me, I asked to add some. I add bacon to e...
Italian Omelette from Skylight Diner New York City

Italian Omelette $9 @ Skylight Diner

Got to have some sausage in the morning! Need our breakfast to continue adventures in New York City. Very flavorful omelette and a nice cheeesy texture with strong italian sausage taste. Served with a nice side of home fries. get on noming. www.skylightdine...
Calamari alla Griglia from Il Bagatto New York City

Calamari alla Griglia $13 @ Il Bagatto

Its the final boss of all calamari games. Getting some nomnom Italian appetizer in New York City. They just brought this appetizer to the next level. I was expecting something similar to what most restaurants have, calamari legs. Not here, we got the full thin...
Tagliolini Fatti Seafood Pasta from Il Bagatto

Tagliolini Seafood Pasta $18 @ Il Bagatto

Explosion of color noming. Got to get some amazing Italian pasta in new York City. That is a dish with one of the longest names ever, Tagliolini Fatti In Casa Sapore Di Mare. That is a mouthful. Most pastas we eat have excessive amount of tomato sauce that ove...
Fried Shrimp Balls from Mee Noodle Shop New York City

Fried Shrimp Balls $6 @ Mee Noodle Shop

You can never go wrong with some good balls in the morning. So hungry we just have to get some deep fried Chinese appetizers in New York City Hell's Kitchen. Nice and crunchy, just the way I like them. Comes with a nice light dipping fish sauce. Great starter ...
Little Bit of Everything from Mee Noodle Shop New York City

Little Bit of Everything $9 @ Mee Noodle Shop

OMG it's gravy based noodle soup. Lets try a weird Chinese noodle soup in New York City Hell's Kitchen. I love noodle soups and gravy, so I just had to get this interesting combination. It has all the meats you can think of. There is so much packed into it tha...
Deep Fried PB&J Sandwich from Concrete Bar New York City

Deep Fried PB&J Sandwich $10 @ Concrete Bar

OMG DEEP FRIED PB&J!!!!! Now thats the way to deep fry my foodie mind while in New York City Hell's Kitchen. One of the most amazing things I've ever tasted. Crunchy deep fried goodness on the outside and soft sweet peanut butter and jelly filling. Little bit ...
Angus Burger from Concrete Bar New York City

Angus Burger $9 @ Concrete Bar in New York City

Time for some late-night drinks and amazing Angus Burger from Concrete Bar in New York City. This was the best burger I've ever tasted!!! Got to get some burger noming while in New York City Hell's Kitchen area. The meat patty was the size of my head and had a...