Ocean City

Cannoli from Julia's Ice Cream Ocean City

Cannoli @ Julia’s Ice Cream

You have cream all over your face. Getting some dessert on the beach in Ocean City. Ah you got to stop by and try their home made cannolis. Very creamy crunch sweetness! An ice cream place that is well known for their home made cannolis. A nomnom you can't pas...
Cotton Candy Frozen Yogurt from Dumsers Ice Cream Ocean City

Cotton Candy Frozen Yogurt @ Dumsers Ice Cream

I want to live in candy world. Need some sweet refreshments while on vacation in Ocean City. Holy moly this was amazing!!! One of the best frozen yogurt flavor I've ever tasted. It really tasted like cotton candy. www.beach-net.com/dumsers ...
Captain Crunch French Toast from Pirates Den Ocean City

Captain Crunch French Toast @ Pirates Den

Crunchatize me cap'n! Most amazing breakfast in Ocean City. Great attempet to become diabetic. They have the most amazing french toast, extremely soft and light. Even more amazing is that its topped with captain crunch serial! Just blew out minds and breakfast...
Chicken Quesadilla from Brass Balls Saloon Ocean City

Chicken Quesadilla @ Brass Balls Saloon

Ocean view lunch in Ocean City. What an excellent way to start out hungry hungry late lunching after a day at the beach. Very crunchy cheesy gooey goodness. Just loved these quesadillas. Hit the spot just right! View from 2nd floor balcony is amazing and perfe...
Waffle Fries from Brass Balls Saloon Ocean City

Waffle Fries @ Brass Balls Saloon

Today we are all waffle. WAFFLE FRIEEES on the beach in Ocean City. I just went crazy and ate way too many. I even ate most of my friend's waffle fries. Super nomnom fries that you just have to order with any dish. www.brassballssaloon.biz ...
Chicken Salad Wrap from Brass Balls Saloon Ocean City

Chicken Salad Wrap @ Brass Balls Saloon

Wrap up in some balls. Lunch time while on the beach vacation in Ocean City. It was a chicken theme lunch for us. Excellent wrap! It was very light and flavorful with good balance of dressing. A lot of chicken salads are overly too heavy and wet, but this one ...
Mozzarella Sticks from Coins Pub Ocean City

Mozzarella Sticks @ Coins Pub

Mhhh cheesy fried goodness. Fried is the way to go for nomnom dinner in Ocean City. So cheesy gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Comes with some red dipping sauce, but I wasn't really a big fan of it. I rather just not dip and enjoy them as is. ...
Creamsicle Crush from Coins Pub Ocean City

Creamsicle Crush @ Coins Pub

Refresh with some adult baverages. Enjoying a nice drink after a day at the beach in Ocean City. Now this is a drink! I of course ordered it because the name. Very sweet and refreshing alcoholic drink to start off your dinner or lunch on vacation. My new favor...
Field of Greens from Coins Pub Ocean City

Field of Greens $6 @ Coins Pub

One salad to impress. Sometimes its good to eat healthy while on vacation in Ocean City. I rarely expect much when salad comes as a side with main dish. What can be good about side salad? Well, I was wrong. This was a great salad. They really went all out with...
Crab Cake from Coins Restaurant & Pub Ocean City

Crab Cake @ Coins Pub

Getting our crab cake fix. Time for a hearty dinner while on vacation in Ocean City. Just had to order it after waiter said that they have the best crab cakes in town. Great crab cakes! There was not overly too much going on there, which is good so you can rea...