San Antonio

San Antonio is an amazing city in Texas filled with great architecture, people and food. Oh so much good and strange food. Especially all the new fusion take on American and Hispanic dishes

Donut of the Day from Monterey San Antonio Texas

Donuts Are Bigger in Texas @ Monterey San Antonio (CLOSED)

Everything is bigger in Texas, so it's Donut of the Day from Monterey an amazing Tex-Mex fusion restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. This might be bigger than our big mouth can handle. Donut in name, but looks more like a giant hole. Wonder where it came from? Th...
Mini Mart Sandwich from WWCD Truck San Antonio Texas

Mini Mart Sandwich @ WWCD Truck

My chicken can beat up your chicken. Great sandwich from a local San Antonio texas food truck. Love all the avocado, chicken and everything else packed into this nomnom sandwich. I recommend trying this and other dishes from this Winner Winner Chicken Dinner t...
Pile High Nachos Chicken from Chacho's

Pile High Nachos Chicken $9 @ Chacho’s

I just love these nachos. Talk about the awesome greecy goodness. Yeap, you don't go here for healthy foods. You go here for multiple heart attacks. I love how much cheese they put there. www.chachos.com ...
Pile High Beef Nachos from Chacho's

Pile High Beef Nachos $9 @ Chacho’s

Jump into the pile. It is a pile of nacho goodness. I don't know about you, but I like my nachos super greecy with ton of cheese and even more nachos! This hits that greecy spot in my heart. Its a whole lot of nachos, make sure to spit with friends. www.cha...
Picadillo Puffy Tacos from Chacho's San Antonio Texas

Picadillo Puffy Tacos $3 @ Chacho’s

Its one puffy mess of tacos. Trying puffy tacos for the first time in San Antonio Texas. They corn tortilla inflated with air and then fried. Can't really tell what is going on, just a pile of things. Not something we can find in DC area. You get a choice of m...
Big Red Sauce from Monterey San Antonio Texas

Big Red Sauce @ Monterey

Xsoda sauce anyone? Yeap sauce made out of Big Red soda in San Antonio! Its a popular soda drink in Texas that we here in DC area do not have. I think it's better then soda itself. Would you order sauce like this? I got to say goes great with eggs hehe. www...
Foie Gras Pancakes from Monterey San Antonio Texas

Foie Gras Pancakes $20 @ Monterey

His royal highness of all pancakes. Time for some amazing mexican fusion on a whole new level in San Antonio, Texas. Talk about some awesome pancakes. Just fell in love with the taste. It didn't taste super heavy like many pancakes do. Very light. Not a cheap ...
Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggs from Monterey San Antonio Texas

Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggs $12 @ Monterey

eggs with what? Time for some amazing mexican fusion on a whole new level in San Antonio, Texas. Probably one of the best dishes from my trip to San Antonio TX. I mean how often you can find Fried Green Tomatoes eggs with cheddar hollandaise?? You could really...
Monkey Brain from Osaka San Antonio Texas

Monkey Brain @ Osaka

got brainzzz? getting some creative and strange sushi rolls in San Antonio's greatest sushi place. Sadly its not the real monkey brain hehe not sure if it looks like one either. I really like the bite size bran. I did think it was a little too spicy but great ...
Triple Chocolate Bourbon Bacon Brownie from Guilty Pleasures Truck San Antonio Texas

Triple Chocolate Bourbon Bacon Brownie @ Guilty Pleasures Truck (CLOSED)

Triple the goodness! Totally love bacon brownie!!!! Great way to explore San Antonio's food truck scene. I just have to order everything and anything bacon. It was grey, but could use more bacon. Like bake it into the brownie itself. Still, great order. You wo...
Freddo Vanilla from SIP Coffee San Antonio Texas

Freddo Vanilla @ SIP Coffee (CLOSED)

Is it from Lady Gaga song? Need my coffee in the morning and got to try some local shops in San Antonio Texas. I thought Freddo is a weird name for a drink so I had to order it. Great way to start a nice warm day. Very light and smooth taste that won't leave a...
Freddo Moch from Sip Coffee San Antonio Texas

Freddo Mocha @ Sip Coffee (CLOSED)

Its a coffee mortal kombat, Mocha vs vanilla! What can I say, I am a mocha man! This is so much better then Freddo Vanilla. www.sipsanantonio.com ...