Indian Spinach Pakoda @ Delhi Club

Indian Spinach Pakoda @ Delhi Club

Crunchies munchies are dipping to start our Indian dinner experience in Arlington, DC's suburb. Always got to order a sharing dish so we can have more space to stuff our bellies with more nomnom. Its the little batter-fried balls of spinach, onion, and potatoe...
Nutella Shake from Big Buns

Secret Menu Uncovered, Nutella Milkshake @ Big Buns

Secret agents eat from this secret menu like this Nutella Milkshake from a fun new burger place Big Buns in Arlington, Virginia. White Nutella milkshake? Who cares! It's DELICIOUSLY AMAZING! Extremely rich with Nutella flavors and yet not too much. It's so ric...
Regular and Sweet Potato Fries from Big Buns

Half French & Half Sweet Potato Fries $4 @ Big Buns in Arlington

Half of excellent and half more impressive with an order of Half & Half Fries and Sweet Potato Fries from Big Buns, a new burger joint in Arlington, DC's busy suburb. No burger can go without fries, especially when its an order like this. The best way is to go...
Angus Beef Burger $8 @ Big Buns Arlington

Angus Beef Burger $8 @ Big Buns Arlington

I like big buns and I can not lie, especially this big Angus Beef burger from this new burger joint in Arlington, DC's city suburb. Its build your own burger place which always makes us so crazy happy to get our creative juices flowing. Mhhh burger juices! You...
Four Corners from Chopt

Four Corners Salad $10 @ Chop’t

That's a lot of corners in my salad. Mhhh this is one very nomnom mix of Chicken, cotija cheese, avocado, rattlesnake beans and more. What is rattlesnake beans? Should I be scared? Excellent mix of healthy goodness. Until, I was a bit of a rebel and didn't go ...
Dim Sum from China Garden

Dim Sum @ China Garden

Craving some dumplings? Then you must stop by this place in Rosslyn's ABC building. Every weekend for lunch you get to experience the roaming carts full of goodies for foodies. This was one of the fastest dim sum lunches I've had. Usually it takes a while to t...
Flaming Poo Poo Plater from China Garden

Flaming Poo Poo Plater @ China Garden

Eating poo poo? Yes, you heard it right, Poo Poo Plater. Oh silly nomsters. No, there was no poo and I'm sure it means something specific. Everything tasted amazing and getting it extra grilled with fire right there was so fun. It was a mix of fried chicken, b...
Satay Beef Combinasi from Cafe Asia

Satay Beef Combinasi $12 @ Cafe Asia

Everything is better when it's on a stick! This is my friend's favorite dish here and she is right to love it. Super softness of deliciousness! Can be a great appetizer for a group or just one person to enjoy by themselves. Its 8 skewers of satay beef with pea...
Enchiladas De Pollo Com Mole from Guajillo Mexican

Enchiladas De Pollo Com Mole @ Guajillo Mexican

Can never go wrong with enchiladas! While fancy spicy chocolate chocolate sauce is nowhere close to been authentic, it still rocks! You must try this. www.guajillogrill.com ...
El Cachudo Burrito from Guajilo Mexican

El Cachudo Burrito $16 @ Guajilo Mexican

I did giant burrito challenge! Look, it's Boris size! I was warned it's very spicy and waiter did not lie, it burned like he'll! It burned coming and burned coming out! One meat is just not enough so this thing is packed with 4 meats, lots of rice and beans. S...
Gway Tio Noodle from Cafe Asia

Gway Tio Noodle $12 @ Cafe Asia

hmm something about sweet spy "soy" sauce is so sweet. Very good vegetarian dish. Its a Singapore style flat rice noodles drenched in amazing sweet soy sauce topped with scallions, eggs, bean sprouts shrimp. All fried together in one nomnom combination. www...
Silpancho from Don Arturo in Arlington

Silpancho @ Don Arturo (CLOSED)

It's wall in the hole! An amazing Bolivian dish! Got to love the thing meat pancake on top! Its a multi layer dish of awesomeness. Let's see what's inside. It's all layers if goodness! Layer of rice, layer if signature Bolivian boiled and sliced potatoes, foll...