Bacon Cocktail from Bar 3

Bacon Cocktail @ Bar 3 (CLOSED)

Sounds amazing, but is it? Bacon tasted amazingly crunchy and thick, just the way we like them. Alcohol on the other hand was eeeky. EEEKY! I think it was the excess of salt or something, but I though it was too much. www.restaurantthree.com ...
Sweet Potato Fries from Eleventh Street Lounge

Sweet Potato Fries @ Eleventh Street Lounge (CLOSED)

You claim to have best Sweet Potato Fries in town? I don't think so! I would give you 3, but took a point off just for getting my hopes up lol. Was told they have lots of cinnamon on top, but I don't see or taste any of that. They have amazing burgers there so...
Renaissance Burger from Eleventh Street Lounge

Renaissance Burger @ Eleventh Street Lounge (CLOSED)

holy burger mama, amazing! Oh my, not sure I can fit that into my mouth. I do like them big & thick! One of the most nomnom burgers I've ever had. I was very impressed with meats quality. Next pic, me trying to bite into it. Great flavor combination with baco...