Reston Town Center

Ah Reston Town Center, we love you so much that we will make the treak out there into Virginia just to have some of your great nom noms. Its a beautiful new Down Town development that can rival DC and all other neighborhoods. Plus now there is Metro Silver Line that can take us there from the city.

Cheddar Cheeseburger from Jackson's

Cheddar Cheeseburger @ Jackson’s

Might place, doesn't always have mighty things. Meat patty was pretty good, their medium is pink in the middle and it was very juicy soft with nice flavors. You can really taste the cheese, they put so much. For the most part the meat patty is really what matt...
Spicy Lamb on Naan Bread from Community Canteen

Spicy Lamb Naan Bread $8 @ Community Canteen

Not a bad order with slightly different take on panini. I was expecting it to be a bit spicy per the name, spicy lam would make a nice sandwich. Sadly it wasn't spicy at all, not even a hint. I wish there was more goat cheese, majority of everything was overpo...
Lemonade from Community Canteen

Lemonade @ Community Canteen

You are the weakest link. With no fountain drinks and only bottled soda I decided to try something different and order their lemonade. One of the weakest lemonades I've had in a while. There was only slight hint of lemonadeness. More like lemonadless. Probably...
Dark Chocolate & Peach from Pitango Gelato

Dark Chocolate & Peach Gelato $5 @ Pitango Gelato

Its double the love. MHHHH love going half and half on their nomnom gelato. After tasting few flavors I went with chocolate (can never go wrong) and peach (fruty fluty). It was great to mix super rich chocolate with very sweet and light peach. Each spoonful wa...
French and Sweet Potatoe Fries from Counter

Sweet and Regular Fries @ Counter Reston Town Center

Any burger adventure must always include some fries. Can't decide on regular or sweet potatoes? Then just go Fifty-Fifty and get both!!! Not many places do sweet potatoes right, but here they make them just right. Great addition to your burger nomnom. Bonus, t...
Gluten Free Burger from Counter

Major Meat Gluten Free Burger @ Counter Reston Town Center

We going all meat and all gluten free burger with this pound burger from our favorite burger joint in Reston Town Center, DC's growing new suburb. Now that is what I call MAJOR MEAT. Look at this beautiful piece of art. It's not just a burger, its a masterpiec...
Crab Cake from McCormick & Schmick's

Crab Cake @ McCormick & Schmick’s

WOW that is one very nomnom crab cake sandwich! Cranchy on the outside and crabby goodness on the inside. One very big crab sandwich, size of my face. Worth all the tickets we paid for it. I want more!!!! Great stop @ Taste of Reston. www.mccormickandschmic...
Chocolate Hazelnut from Pitango Gelato

Chocolate Hazelnut @ Pitango Gelato

Now that is some strong flavor. You can really taste the power of the chocolate in this gelato. Great dessert nom stop @ Taste of Reston. www.pitangogelato.com / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp 11942 Democracy Dr Reston, VA 20190 ...
Crema & Almond Gelato from Pitango Gelato

Crema & Almond Gelato @ Pitango Gelato

Sunny gelato, on sunny day. Oh the crema gelato was simply amazing! YAY for more deserts @ Taste of Reston. www.pitangogelato.com / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp 11942 Democracy Dr Reston, VA 20190 ...
Custom Build Burger from Counter

Custom Build Burger @ Counter Reston Town Center

Its Nothing Matters in the World Burger.. I just love how many different things I was able to pack into this burger. Not an easy thing to bite, but I got it! My first time doing take out here and it was just as awesome. Meat quality, ingredients and bun were t...
Chicken Pot Stickers from Big Bowl

Chicken Pot Stickers $5 @ Big Bowl

Lunch with pot and stickers. Its always great when very nomnom dish is also free. All thanks to a great foursquare reword we got for check-ins. Every lunch must start with these. Amazing appetizer with some very nomnom dipping sauces. I recommend trying each o...
Sesame Chicken from Big Bowl

Sesame chicken $9 @ Big Bowl

Lets go simple and easy. Especially when you can't decide between so many nomnom things on the menu. I enjoyed the light flavor of the chicken. In some places Sesame chicken can be over sauced, but this one was just right. Very light amount. Nice and very simp...