Reston Town Center

Ah Reston Town Center, we love you so much that we will make the treak out there into Virginia just to have some of your great nom noms. Its a beautiful new Down Town development that can rival DC and all other neighborhoods. Plus now there is Metro Silver Line that can take us there from the city.

Seven Flavor Crispy Beef from Big Bowl

Seven Flavor Crispy Beef $15 @ Big Bowl

7 is better then 1, I just had to order it because of the name and test the seven flavor thing. I'm not really sure if I pick up all the seven flavors, but I did pick up how nomnom this was. I love crispy things and this was a great order. Even the greens tast...
Honeydew Froyo from Iceberry

Honeydew Froyo @ Iceberry

OMG this is so super nomnom. Just love this flavor!!!! So sweet and refreshing. Mixes well with coconut and nuts. You should really stop by and try it I make sure to try this every time I'm in Reston Town Center. www.iceberryus.com ...
2012 Burger from Counter

Custom Burger 2012 @ Counter Reston Town Center

My first burger nom of 2012. This place never disappoints!!! There is a reason I consider this the best burger place in the area. I love making my own burger, their toppings and meat are top notches. I, of course, try to stuff as much as possible into mine. No...
Parmesan French Fries from Counter

Parmesan French Fries @ Counter in Reston Town Center

A perfect burger requires perfect fries like an order of Parmesan French Fries from Counter our favorite and best burger joint in Reston Town Center, DC's far away from the new suburb. Talk about perfect of creation; these are the best fries in the area. WOW, ...
Lobster Roll from American Tap Room

Lobster Roll $16 @ American Tap Room

oh lobster phooey this was weak. I thought the lobster's taste was very weak and was missing something. Almost tasted like freezer burn. It just completely missed the mark and I was still hungry afterwards. Its pretty though :) www.americantaproom.com ...
Brown Bag Burger Combo from Be Right Burger

Brown Bag Burger Combo $9 @ Be Right Burger

Sriracha Mayo?? Great to see a burger alternative there. This burger comes with sun light, swiss cheese, tomatoes, sriracha mayo, beef patty, bacon, pickles and papers. More of a fast place then a Counter down a block. They just opens so few things are not yet...
Santorini Wrap from Sweetgreen

Santorini Wrap $10 @ Sweetgreen

Wrap me up or maybe not. Very tasty wrap, but size is not Boris size friendly. Looked like half the size of the normal salad. Does it become smaller in wrap form? There are a lot of little goodies in this salad like chickpeas, fresh mint, feta cheese, cucumbe...