Jalapeño Poppers from Annie's

Jalapeño Poppers @ Annie’s

This jalapeño poped me! Excellent appetizer with all those drinks we had at DC Gay Pride. Bready goodness with cheesy gooey things. Look out for a hot bam, first bite in and you will feel the burn. Burn so good! What do you nom on with drinks? www.anniesdc....
Coconut Dream from Annie's

Coconut Dream @ Annie’s

Coconut my head! One of the best mix drinks. So much coconutined in there! www.anniesdc.com ...
Ruby Red Shoes Drink from Annie's

Ruby Red Shoes Drink @ Annie’s

Toto, I don't think we in Kansas anyone! Excellent drink with good taste and alcohol balance. Plus got to love the name. www.anniesdc.com ...