Cafe Asia

Nasi Uduk from Cafe Asia

Nasi Uduk $13 @ Cafe Asia

This is pretty much all the meats they make over there in a nice assorted dish. My favorite were Crispy Anchovies. I would like a whole dish just with them and rice! Indonesian coconut rice was delicious and went great with everything. www.cafeasia.com ...
Satay Beef Combinasi from Cafe Asia

Satay Beef Combinasi $12 @ Cafe Asia

Everything is better when it's on a stick! This is my friend's favorite dish here and she is right to love it. Super softness of deliciousness! Can be a great appetizer for a group or just one person to enjoy by themselves. Its 8 skewers of satay beef with pea...
Gway Tio Noodle from Cafe Asia

Gway Tio Noodle $12 @ Cafe Asia

hmm something about sweet spy "soy" sauce is so sweet. Very good vegetarian dish. Its a Singapore style flat rice noodles drenched in amazing sweet soy sauce topped with scallions, eggs, bean sprouts shrimp. All fried together in one nomnom combination. www...