California Tortilla

Bacon Chicken Club Burrito from California Tortilla

Bacon Chicken Club Burrito $7 @ California Tortilla

Bacon in my burrito? Is this crazy or amazing world we living in, HELL YEA! You can really taste the amazing flavor of bacon. It taste like they packed a ton of bacon in there. It snot just tiny chunks, its flavor bacon attack with jalapeño ranch! Great with c...
Caribbean Mango Burrito from California Tortilla

Caribbean Mango Burrito $7 @ California Tortilla

We going to caribbean. Great new burrito at one of my favorite burritonomnest places. This was a great mix of nomnom ingredients. I love the blackened chicken, mango sauce and mango salsa mix. Its double the mango! Made for a nice sweet flavor with mexican ric...
Gyro Burrito from California Tortilla

Gyro Burrito $8 @ California Tortilla

Wait, Gyro Burrito? Even my favorite places have a miss sometimes. It's interesting because you don't find gyro burritos. Wasn't a bad burger, but tasted like something was missing. Tried this burrito more than ones and both times, it just did not win my taste...
Carnitas Verde Burrito from California Tortilla

Carnitas Verde Burrito @ California Tortilla

Hello meaty burrito goodness. CalTort has some great burritos and this is a great addition to the menu. Just love the extra crunch crispy tortilla strips added. Comes stuffed with savory pork, jack cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Make sure to sign up for your B...
Free Style Machine from California Tortilla in Bethesda

Free Style Machine @ California Tortilla

Grape Fanta? Lime Fanta? Never knew about so many choices! Love Coke's new Free Style Machine in CalTor, so touch screeny! So don't you wanna? Fanta! Fanta! Mix and match any soda flavor you won't with dozen of different flavors. Some you might never know exis...
Buffalo Chicken Wing Burrito from California Tortilla

Buffalo Chicken Wing Burrito @ California Tortilla

Yay burrito loving! You get a free one for your birthday with Burrito Elite card. Sign up for one it's worth it, earn points toward money and free birthday stuff!! Flame grilled mesquite chicken, black beans, spicy wing sauce, ranch dressing, Mexican rice, rom...