Pile High Nachos Chicken from Chacho's

Pile High Nachos Chicken $9 @ Chacho’s

I just love these nachos. Talk about the awesome greecy goodness. Yeap, you don't go here for healthy foods. You go here for multiple heart attacks. I love how much cheese they put there. www.chachos.com ...
Pile High Beef Nachos from Chacho's

Pile High Beef Nachos $9 @ Chacho’s

Jump into the pile. It is a pile of nacho goodness. I don't know about you, but I like my nachos super greecy with ton of cheese and even more nachos! This hits that greecy spot in my heart. Its a whole lot of nachos, make sure to spit with friends. www.cha...
Picadillo Puffy Tacos from Chacho's San Antonio Texas

Picadillo Puffy Tacos $3 @ Chacho’s

Its one puffy mess of tacos. Trying puffy tacos for the first time in San Antonio Texas. They corn tortilla inflated with air and then fried. Can't really tell what is going on, just a pile of things. Not something we can find in DC area. You get a choice of m...