Cortez Cobb from Chop't

Cortez Cobb @ Chop’t

Mhhh healthy salad nomnom. I'm a big fan of their Boris size portion with nomnom ingredients. Careful with that Tapatio Ranch. It starts with a little hint of spice and then BANG, and you are drinking 4 cups of water trying to put out the hotness. Everything s...
Four Corners from Chopt

Four Corners Salad $10 @ Chop’t

That's a lot of corners in my salad. Mhhh this is one very nomnom mix of Chicken, cotija cheese, avocado, rattlesnake beans and more. What is rattlesnake beans? Should I be scared? Excellent mix of healthy goodness. Until, I was a bit of a rebel and didn't go ...
Palm Beach Shrimp Salad from Chop't

Palm Beach Shrimp Salad $10 @ Chop’t

Chop me up and add some smoky bacon russian all over me!!! Now that's a salad I can eat more often. Filled me up fast which is unusual for salads from here. I did ask them to add some bacon into it. BACON! combined with Smoky Bacon Russian dressing, it was sup...