Coins Pub

Mozzarella Sticks from Coins Pub Ocean City

Mozzarella Sticks @ Coins Pub

Mhhh cheesy fried goodness. Fried is the way to go for nomnom dinner in Ocean City. So cheesy gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Comes with some red dipping sauce, but I wasn't really a big fan of it. I rather just not dip and enjoy them as is. ...
Creamsicle Crush from Coins Pub Ocean City

Creamsicle Crush @ Coins Pub

Refresh with some adult baverages. Enjoying a nice drink after a day at the beach in Ocean City. Now this is a drink! I of course ordered it because the name. Very sweet and refreshing alcoholic drink to start off your dinner or lunch on vacation. My new favor...
Field of Greens from Coins Pub Ocean City

Field of Greens $6 @ Coins Pub

One salad to impress. Sometimes its good to eat healthy while on vacation in Ocean City. I rarely expect much when salad comes as a side with main dish. What can be good about side salad? Well, I was wrong. This was a great salad. They really went all out with...
Crab Cake from Coins Restaurant & Pub Ocean City

Crab Cake @ Coins Pub

Getting our crab cake fix. Time for a hearty dinner while on vacation in Ocean City. Just had to order it after waiter said that they have the best crab cakes in town. Great crab cakes! There was not overly too much going on there, which is good so you can rea...