The Impossible Meatless Burger @ Counter

Impossible Burger Meatless and Bleeds! At Counter Burger

OMG, we finally got to try the Impossible Burger, a meatless plant-based burger patty that bleeds and tastes like the real thing! In the Washington D.C. metro area, it can now be found at our favorite burger place: Counter in Reston Town Center. This is on...
French and Sweet Potatoe Fries from Counter

Sweet and Regular Fries @ Counter Reston Town Center

Any burger adventure must always include some fries. Can't decide on regular or sweet potatoes? Then just go Fifty-Fifty and get both!!! Not many places do sweet potatoes right, but here they make them just right. Great addition to your burger nomnom. Bonus, t...
Gluten Free Burger from Counter

Major Meat Gluten Free Burger @ Counter Reston Town Center

We going all meat and all gluten free burger with this pound burger from our favorite burger joint in Reston Town Center, DC's growing new suburb. Now that is what I call MAJOR MEAT. Look at this beautiful piece of art. It's not just a burger, its a masterpiec...
Custom Build Burger from Counter

Custom Build Burger @ Counter Reston Town Center

Its Nothing Matters in the World Burger.. I just love how many different things I was able to pack into this burger. Not an easy thing to bite, but I got it! My first time doing take out here and it was just as awesome. Meat quality, ingredients and bun were t...
2012 Burger from Counter

Custom Burger 2012 @ Counter Reston Town Center

My first burger nom of 2012. This place never disappoints!!! There is a reason I consider this the best burger place in the area. I love making my own burger, their toppings and meat are top notches. I, of course, try to stuff as much as possible into mine. No...
Parmesan French Fries from Counter

Parmesan French Fries @ Counter in Reston Town Center

A perfect burger requires perfect fries like an order of Parmesan French Fries from Counter our favorite and best burger joint in Reston Town Center, DC's far away from the new suburb. Talk about perfect of creation; these are the best fries in the area. WOW, ...