Georgetown Bagelry

Miami Burger Bagel from Georgetown Bagelry in Bethesda

Miami Burger Bagel @ Georgetown Bagelry

Bagels are awesome, burger bagels are even better. Stopped by there while on my first spring biking it's right off the bike trail and a great place for some good foodie things. Lox is very high quality and softly goodness. www.georgetownbagelry.com ...
BLT Bagel from Georgetown Bagelry

BLT Bagel @ Georgetown Bagelry

Its all about the B in the BLT. The joy of lots of bacon always makes me happy. BACON HAPPY! Love it because there is so much bacon. www.georgetownbagelry.com ...
Fried Egg Ham Bacon and Cheese Bagel from Georgetown Bagelry

Fried Egg Ham Bacon and Cheese Bagel @ Georgetown Bagelry

Great way to start your day is with breakfast bagel and hot chocolate. Especially on a cold day. Real fried eggg with a nice thick piece of ham and bacon strips. Mhhh so cheesy and good! www.georgetownbagelry.com ...