Limerick Pub

Banger Sausage and Mash $16 @ Limerick Pub Wheaton

Banger Sausage and Mash $16 @ Limerick Pub Wheaton

Late night drinks and food with traditional sausages and potatoes from an Irish pub in a hear of Wheaton, DC's up and coming foodie suburb. When enjoying a few drinks late at night, you want something that will help you enjoy even more drinks. This traditional...
Crabby Pretzel from Limerick Pub

Crabby Pretzel $10 @ Limerick Pub

Going to krabby shack under the sea! I couldn't pass by baked soft pretzel smothered in crab spread and cheddar cheese. More like a mountain of flavorful crabby cheesy goodness on top of soft pretzel. It's very bready so make sure to split it with a friend or ...
Vegan Sausage from Limerick Pub

Vegan Sausage $9 @ Limerick Pub

Let's dive into meatless meaty goodness! This grilled apple and sage sausage came highly recommended by one of our nomster fans. At first glance I couldn't even see the sausage, they just piled a mountain of sauteed mushrooms and onion. Sausage texture was ide...