Malaysia Kopitiam?

Roti Canai from Malaysia Kopitiam

Roti Canai Appetizer @ Malaysia Kopitiam

This is the roti flatbread you are looking for and tasting some Indian influenced Malaysian appetizers in Dupont Circle, DC. It's unlike any other flatbread you will ever try. Super thin and light, roti is more like a crepe. The flavor is very surprising, its ...
Sticky Rice from Malaysia Kopitiam

Sticky Rice @ Malaysia Kopitiam

I can't get out of this sticky situation. We are exploring some fun sticky rice dessert around Dupont Circle, DC neighborhood. It's not just good old sticky rice we've had so many times, no it's so much more. First, it's a beautiful presentation. It's not just...
Malaysia Fried Rice from Malaysia Kopitiam? Dupont Circle DC

Malaysia Fried Rice @ Malaysia Kopitiam

You can fry me any time when it comes to this fantastic fried rice at a tasty Malaysian restaurant in DC. That is a pile of rice and a whole lot of other things. Lots are packed into this bowl. With the first bite, we just fell in love with this fried rice. Th...