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Best Day to Go Vegetarian, Spinach Tofucakes @ Mark's Kitchen

Best Day to Go Vegetarian, Spinach Tofucakes @ Mark’s Kitchen

A vegetarian dish that even this big meat lover can’t get enough of, this is a veggie for one with Spinach Tofu Cakes & Noodles from Mark’s Kitchen. Mark’s Kitchen is an Asian-American fusion restaurant in Takoma Park. We are big meat lovers, I mean we can...
Korean Steak Burger $9 @ Mark's Kitchen Takoma Park

Korean Steak Burger $9 @ Mark’s Kitchen Takoma Park

Vegans know their meat, especially with Korean Steak Burger from a vegan, vegetarian and carnivore Korean fusion restaurant in a heart of Takoma Park, DC's artsy suburb. Who knew vegans make one mean meaty burger! The only way to make black angus beef burger b...
Onion Rings from Mark's Kitchen

Onion Rings $3 @ Mark’s Kitchen

Its crunch time. This was a great way to start our late lunch. Crunchy greecy rings dripping in nomnom goodness, just the way it should be. I just wish they gave you more then just 5. www.markskitchen.com ...
Tofu & Eggplant Club from Mark's Kitchen

Tofu & Eggplant Club $8 @ Mark’s Kitchen

What the vegan? We have a few vegan fans so I decided to try a vegan club sandwich. Not a bad sandwich, just wish it had more flavors. It tasted just too bland. Maybe if eggplant was deep-fried? or there was bacon in there lol? It did have vegan cheddar cheese...
Peanut Butter BLT Sandwich from Mark's Kitchen

Peanut Butter BLT Sandwich @ Marks Kitchen

Peanudwich? Sounds awesome, combining the nomnom of Peanut Butter with Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes? I thought so, but sadly there was barely any peanut butter in there. If you going to put some, then you should go all out and make it a nice thick layer. I was v...
Korean Short Ribs Potato Noodles from Mark's Kitchen

Korean Short Ribs Potato Noodles $10 @ Mark’s Kitchen

Now we talking, this was an awesome dish! I was really blown away by the flavor. Love how flavorful and tender the short ribs were. Of course, like many Asian dishes you got to get little bit of everything together. Fried brown rice? Don't see that everyday. I...
Seaweed Burger from Marks Kitchen

Seaweed Burger $8 @ Marks Kitchen

Roasted seaweed on my burger? Yeap, its seaweed burger. I wasn't sure what to expect since you don't see seaweed burgers very often. This was a pretty good burger with excellent flavor mixes and fried seaweed. I thought it could have used more plant to add the...