Mediterranean Grill

Turkish Pizza from Mediterranean Grill

Turkish Pizza @ Mediterranean Grill

Tiny pizza appetizers. That is the most un-pizza looking pizza. Look more like open rolls. Nice little tomato sauce flavor on the inside. Served with a yummy tzatziki cucumber yogurt dip. I can dip anything into it. www.medgrillusa.com ...
Swordfish Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Swordfish Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

My food has a sword. Kind of with it was a bit sharper. It was a bit bland and left my tommy wishing for more. Even french fries tasted like nothing was there. www.medgrillusa.com ...
Chicken Kabob from Mediterranean Grill

Chicken Kabob @ Mediterranean Grill

Kabobs goodness. Grilled chicken and grilled veggies on a stick. iOn a stick is always better. Tasted a bit bland and as if something was missing. This dish comes with great seasoned roasted potatoes. That was probably the best part of the meal. www.medgril...