Niwano Hana

Volcano Roll from Niwano Hana

Volcano Roll $9 @ Niwano Hana

Volcano is exploding, eat for your life!!! Oh wait, it's just a sushi roll. It's one of their best rolls here. Its an exploding sushi volcano with Spicy Mayo, Shrimp Tempura, Smelt-egg, Avocado, Ao-Nori Flake, Cucumber and Crab Stick Tempura. Great presentatio...
Alligator Roll from Niwano Hana

Alligator Roll $12 @ Niwano Hana

Look out alligator might eat you! One of our most favorite sushi rolls at Niwano Hana. This is one of the places to go to for high quality sushi in Rockville. It's alligator! How can you pass up on a sushi with alligator. Well not real alligator meat. Kind of ...
Dragon Roll from Niwano Hana

Dragon Roll $16 @ Niwano Hana

It looks like a freaking dragon! Sometimes sushi is too beautiful to eat. So much thick eal, oh wow so good! Special order off the wall for $16 and IT'S WORTH IT! its now in the list of my favorite rolls from this place. www.niwanohana.com ...
Sushi Deluxe Box from Niwano Hana

Sushi Deluxe Box $14 @ Niwano Hana

At lunch you must try box. Great assortment of nomnom California Rolls, nigirii with miso soup and salad. You could just have this box for lunch, but when it comes to sushi, I MUST HAVE MORE! www.niwanohana.com ...