Paloma Blanca

Al Pastor Taco from Paloma Blanca

Al Pastor Taco $7 @ Paloma Blanca

When in Texas you taco out. Great starter for our San Antonio foodie adventure. You get three nice soft tacos with marinated pork and pineapple, garnished with fresh cilantro, onion, pineapple, lime wedges & salsa de la señora. Thats a lot of stuff going on in...
Ceviche Del Mar from Paloma Blanca

Ceviche Del Mar $10 @ Paloma Blanca

Starter in a cup. Highly recommended San Antonio appetizer. Awesomelishies, fresh cooked fish with cilantro, onions and tomatoes in lime juice and olive-based marinade. All packed into a nice tall glass. Nice fishy flavor with a hint of cilantro. Served chille...