Papermoon Diner

Meatloaf Sandwich from Papermoon Diner

Meatloaf Sandwich $13 @ Papermoon Diner

Well hello, sexy monsratosy. Holy moly that thing is so big!!!! At first, couldn't even tell if there was another bread patty hiding underneath. I love the amazing flavor explosion of everything in there. Look how much stuff they packed in there. It comes with...
Chocolate Bacon Milkshake from Papermoon Diner

Chocolate Bacon Milkshake $6 @ Papermoon Diner in Baltimore

My milkshake brings all bacon yard with this Chocolate Bacon Milkshake from our favorite artsy Papermoon Diner in Baltimore, the city not too far from DC. Bacon Milkshake? Yea, why I haven't gotten refills of it already! I have to order anything and everything...