Pho Nom Nom

Pho from Pho Nom Nom

Pho @ Pho Nom Nom

NOM NOM! How can you not go to a place that has nom nom in it. We really enjoyed this Vietnamese soup P6 with good broth and meats. It was good, but still not as good as Pho75, it felt like it was missing something. There is space for improvement and I will be...
Crispy Roll from Pho Nom Nom

Pork Crispy Rolls $4 @ Pho Nom Nom

Lets roll. Its a crunchy outside with a pork goodness inside. You can never go wrong with ordering rolls for any nomnom. Make sure to dip them into the fish sauce. Adds a whole new flavor to the dish. www.phonomnom.net ...
Vietnamese Iced Coffee from Pho Nom Nom

Vietnamese Iced Coffee $3 @ Pho Nom Nom

Just love Vietnamese Iced Coffee, it has a completely unique flavor because of the condense milk. It was like drinking a coffee smoothie goodness. I will require several refills. www.phonomnom.net ...