Pita Hut

Turkey Shawarma from Pita Hut

Turkey Shawarma $10 @ Pita Hut (CLOSED)

The world of pita is calling you. One of my foodie friends been talking about this place for a while so I decided to try it. Amazing turkey! Ones you taste this, you will never think about turkey flavors the same way. I like eggplant, but theirs is just on ano...
Falafel Balls from Pita Hut

Falafel Balls @ Pita Hut (CLOSED)

those are some mighty balls you got there. Excellent starter order and I could just eat about a 100 more. Next time I'm going to get a couple more orders of these. www.yelp.com/biz/pita-hut-israeli-restaurant-rockville ...