Ram's Head Tavern

Candied Cayenne Bacon Chocolate from Ram's Head Tavern

Candied Cayenne Bacon Chocolate $2 @ Ram’s Head Tavern

I want you inside of me, you sexy piece of bacon goodness. The world is perfect when you get to nom at Maryland Bacon Festival? In Inner Harbor Baltimore. With every bite, you can taste the thick and rich chocolaty flavor. The Peanuts on top for that extra cr...
Double Bacon Brat $3 @ Ram's Head Tavern at Bacon Festival

Double the Bacon, Double the Fun. Best Dish EVER MADE at Bacon Festival

The world is perfect when you get to try Double Bacon Brat from Ram's Head at Maryland's Bacon Festival in Inner Harbor, Baltimore. Tonight we die with bacon! This is worth all the cholesterol, artery-clogging, and waiting in line in the scorching heat. Might ...