Ray's Hell Burger

Onion Rings from Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington

Onion Rings @ Ray’s Hell Burger

Sometimes frying is too much. Too much oil and I felt like I was drinking oil. It almost dominated the taste. It might be just that day, before they were better. www.rayshellburger.com ...
Au Poivre Burger from Ray's Hell Burger

Au Poivre Burger @ Ray’s Hell Burger

It took several tries, but finally got a burger I like at Ray's, I went simple rout of making my own Original Au Poivre Burger medium cooked. It tasted as beautiful as it looks Its build your own burger kind of experience so I added tomatoes, bacon, runny butt...
New Jack Zing Burger from Ray's Hell Burgers

New Jack Zing Burger @ Ray’s Hell Burger

Another attempt to confirm suppose DC's best burger place. Sadly another unimpressive burger. It just didn't have that special bam this place suppose to have. Add to the fail foodie trip the waiter kept on getting my order wrong. Had to convince her that I ind...