Mango Chicken @ Rangoon Ruby San Carlos CA

Mango Chicken W Coconut Rice @ Rangoon Ruby San Carlos California

We are going all mango over mango with Mango Chicken from Rangoon Ruby, a Burmese restaurant in San Carlos, San Francisco hot lunch suburb. Mango is probably one of our most favorite fruits, especially when it's combined with other nomnom things like Chicken. ...
Green Tea Dumplings from Rice

Green Tea Dumplings $7 @ Rice

Put some tea in your dumplings? These were some very good and very weird dumplings! I was really expecting regular dumpling, but something gave this a very nice surprising flavor. Could be the water chestnut? So weird. Great mix of shrimp, crab and pork. You h...
Shrimp Spaghetti from Rice

Shrimp Spaghetti $15 @ Rice

Asian Spaghetti with anchovy and bacon??? I just had to to order this weird mix! It has bacon and anchovy in it. How often do you see something like that? Great dish and a sure thing to try at least ones. I couldn't taste the anchovy too much, but still enjoye...