Ruan Thai

Pineapple Fried Rice from Ruan Thai

Pineapple Fried Rice $11 @ Ruan Thai

Extra sweetness. My favorite order of the day! I just fell in love with raisins in this dish. Combination of Raisins and pineapple added a nice sweetness to rice. I will totally order this again! Could be one of my favorite fried rice dishes. www.ruanthaiwh...
Thai Ice Tea from Ruan Thai

Thai Ice Tea $2 @ Ruan Thai

I love Thai Ice Tea. It should be a rule that anytime you go to a Thai place you should order Ice Tea. Pretty good light and sweet tea that did not disappoint. I will order more next time. What is your drink of choice? ...
Tofu Pad Khing from Runa Thai

Tofu Pad Khin $10 @ Ruan Thai

Going tofytarian for the night. Fresh ginger with deep fried bean curd? Well, maybe I will try it. I was sold on the stir fried deep fried part. Its like double fried? This was an interesting dish. It felt like it had too much salt or soy sauce, but I actually...