Pumpkin Burger from Seva

Pumpkin Burger $11 @ Seva

tis the season to be veggie! Place came highly recommended as one of the foodie spots in Ann Arbor Michigan. Sadly I don't think tis the season for this. I was so excited to try this. How often can you find a pumpkin burger? but it didn't really taste pumkiny ...
Black Bean Tempeh Tacos from Seva

Black Bean Tempeh Tacos $12 @ Seva

taco time the Ann Arbor style! Maybe these very nomnom tacos will make it up for my disappointment with Pumpkin Burger. I like the light soft texture of this tacos with a nice strong flavors of delicies mexican rice, pico de gallo, avocado and fresh cilantro. ...
Asparagus Lasagna from Seva

Asparagus Lasagna $13 @ Seva

We go vegetarian for dinner during our adventures in Ann Arbor Michigan. I was told this is the must try foodie place while visiting. Don't really see many places that offer Asparagus Lasagna. Its cheesy gooey goodness with leeks, mushrooms, ciabatta garlic br...
Yam Fries from Seva

Yam Fries $6 @ Seva

Lets yam this up. Let there be yam yams with my yam fries! comes with spicy mayo! You got to stop by and try them. www.sevarestaurant.com ...