Skylight Diner

Lumberjack Pancakes from Skylight Diner New York City

Lumberjack Pancakes $9 @ Skylight Diner

I'm a Lumberjack! Lets eats all the meats possible for breakfast in New York City. Sometimes you just have to eat like a lumberjack before a long day of work. Or you just want to pig out and sing a song "I'm a lumberjack!." Look at all the stuff going on there...
Italian Omelette from Skylight Diner New York City

Italian Omelette $9 @ Skylight Diner

Got to have some sausage in the morning! Need our breakfast to continue adventures in New York City. Very flavorful omelette and a nice cheeesy texture with strong italian sausage taste. Served with a nice side of home fries. get on noming. www.skylightdine...