Stone's Cove Kitbar

Mackinac Flatbread from Stone's Cove Kitbar in Herndon

Mackinac Flatbread $9 @ Stone’s Cove Kitbar

Foodie adventures in VA with one of our nomster fans! I love this place! Giant kitchen in the middle and you sit at the bar around it. So big could have fed both of us. Tasted amazing! Very fun creation with great things like sharp cheddar, honey jalapeño mayo...
Cuban Panini from Stone's Cove Kitbar Herndon

Cuban Panini $8 @ Stone’s Cove Kitbar

Lets travel to cuba with one bite. Different taste every bite for such a low price. It was cheaper then appetizer. I fell in love with super thick and crunchy chips. Packed a lot into this hot sandwich with crisp pickles, salami, gruyere cheese, smoky pork car...