Toki Underground

Taipei Curry Chicken Ramen from Toki Underground

Taipei Curry Chicken $12 @ Toki Underground

Bring on the BURN! Great to come back to our favorite ramen place of 2012. It wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be, but had a nice little kick to it. Dam it was like chicken ramen heaven! One spice is not enough, so they went with five spice fried chicken....
Deep Fried Pork Dumplings from Toki Undrground

Deep Fried Pork Dumplings $5 @ Toki Underground

I would deep fry the world. Love the possibility of deep frying my dumplings and make them extra crunchy. Why you ask? I say, why not! Lets deep fry everything We were very excited to finally try some very nomnom dumplings. I thought pork filling was very goo...
Seafood Dumplings from Toki Underground

Seafood Dumpling $5 @ Toki Underground

Bring more dumplings. We decided to get our seafood as pan fried vs our pork dumplings were deep fried. These dumplings were on a lighter side with seafood fillings having a less flavors. Still I enjoyed these very much with nice sauce. We were out of dumpling...
Kimchie Ramen from Toki Undergroud

Kimchi Ramen $10 @ Toki Underground on H Street in Washington DC

Get ramening! I really enjoyed the kimchi spicy part of this ramen. It wasn't too much and did not overpower everything else in there. So much meat. I was shocked with how much stuff we got in there. Many places tend to cheap out on the meat and just give you ...