Young Chow

Dragon and Phoenix from Young Chow

Dragon and Phoenix $13 @ Young Chow

It always rise from ashes. Let's mix two best things General Tso's Chicken with Hot & Spicy Shrimp! Chicken was amazing!!! I didn't really think Hot & Spicy Shrimp was all that hot & spicy, but the sauce was still very good. www.youngchowdc.com ...
Drunken Noodle Thai Style from Young Chow

Drunken Noodle Thai Style $11 @ Young Chow

Lets get drunk. Well, sadly this won't make you drunk, but maybe just make your taste buds a bit tipsy. I was craving some simple soft flat noodles and this dish fully satisfied my cravings. Pork was very well prepared. Portion was generous too, I was fool. Gr...
Egg Drop Soup from Young Chow

Egg Drop Soup $2 @ Young Chow

Soupy eggs. Excellent egg drop soup prepared exactly the way I like them, very thick eggy gooey soup. Great way to start lunch or dinner. www.youngchowdc.com ...
Yellow Curry Jumbo Shrimp from Young Chow

Yellow Curry Jumbo Shrimp $12 @ Young Chow

How curry is your curry? Felt more like a seafood dish with some sauce rather then curry. I'm used to my curry been a bit spicier and with more liquid. Still this was a good dish that had a great flavor combination with shrimp and veggies. Maybe just not curry...