Brownie Cake from Le Jordin Oberoi Hotel in Bangalore India

Every meal should just be a Brownie Cake in India

Forgot those boring desserts you are used to going for Brownie Cake from Le Jardin, Oberoi Hotel in Bangalore India. Usually we would leave best for last, but it was so good that it must be shared early on. Thi...
Breakfast Roll from Polo Club Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore India

Breakfast in Paradise, Breakfast Roll in Oberoi Hotel India

Nothing beats an amazing Breakfast Roll as first meal in India from Polo Club Bar in Oberoi Hotel. After traveling for two days you just need a nice big meal. Ah, this delivers above and beyond to satisfy this ...
Pepperoni Pizza @ Shakey's Pizza in Manila Philippines

Pepperoni Pizza @ Shakey’s Pizza in Manila Philippines

Don't get shaky when it comes to order Pepperoni Pizza from Shakey's Pizza in Manila Philippines. Just wanted something simple on our adventure in Philippines, nothing is simpler than pepperoni pizza. Now that'...
Cheese Pizza @ Shakey's Pizza Manila Philippines

Your Pizza Out Cheese Them All @ Shakey’s in Manila

Yes, we are doing something crazy and ordering some pizza, who knew Cheese pizza from Shakey's Pizza in Manila Philippines would be that good. I just wanted something simple on our adventure in the Philippines....
Crab Cake from Amorita Resort Bohol Philippines

Crab Cake $9 @ Amorita Resort in Bohol Philippines

By the power of Crabskul Filipinos sure make a mean Crab Cake at Amorita Resort a restaurant on the beach in Bohol Philippines. Nothing beats seafood noming that would make any Maryland crab fan very happy. Fre...