Las Vegas

Asian Nachos from Grand Lux Cafe

Asian Nachos @ Grand Lux Cafe

Holy fried wontons. This is probably one of my top pic in Vegas so far. Its Asian-Mexican fusion dish! I just ordered this appetizer as a full dish order. And trust me such a big order that it will fill you up. Where can you find Crispy Fried Wontons as chips ...
Waffle from Grand Lux Cafe

Waffle @ Grand Lux Cafe

Waffle me up with thick. Can never go rong with something so thick. Great way to start the day or continue late night of clubbing in Vegas! Nice and thick, just the way waffle should be. www.grandluxcafe.com ...
Dorito Crusted Mac n Cheese from PBR Rock Bar

Dorito Crusted Mac n Cheese $5 @ PBR Rock Bar

Dorritos for brunch on Vegas Trip. Whenever I encounter a weird food experiment I just have to try it. This is like mixing my two favorite things! Doritos and Mac n Cheese. Overall the dish was good, but not amazing. I wish there was more doritos mixed with Ma...
Breakfast Burrito from PBR Rock Bar

Breakfast Burrito $10 @ PBR Rock Bar

Lets have giant Vegas Strip brunch. Dam that thing is ginourmouse. I was very surprised how big this burrito was. Though the size was the only surprise in there. While there is a lot going inside, it was a bit weak. Tasted kind of bland to me. I do give them h...

All You Can Eat Buffet $40 @ Bacchanal Buffet

The world is my dish. What a great way to enjoy tone of food in Vegas by visiting one of the top buffets on a strip. That is some crazy amount food in there. Anything and everything from American to Asian and Mexican. You got to eat little bit of each dish so ...
All You Can Desserts from Bacchanal Buffet Caesars Palace

All You Can Desserts $40 @ Bacchanal Buffet Caesars Palace

All your desserts belong in my mouth. Great way to end all you can eat buffet in Vegas is with all you can eat dessert. It was sweetness overload with so much to try. I kept going back for more a few times. There are just so many different things from mini cak...