Gobbler Sandwich from Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown

Gobbler Sandwich $8 @ Blue Moon Cafe

Recently gobbled my way through West Virginia. Great place with pleasant staff and the right menu. Sandwich with diced bacon and you know I love my bacon. Also made a few new friends! This dish comes packed with bacon, Russian dressing, kaiser roll, provolone ...
Phillysgroom Sub from Blue Moon Cafe in Shepherdstown

Phillysgroom Sub $8 @ Blue Moon Cafe

Mushroms are from philly? It's like phili cheese steak, but with giant mushrooms instead of meat. Great vegeterian sandwich option in this college town. Extra gooey! Comes stuffed with sautéed sliced portobello mushrooms, mozzarella chees, garlic mayonnaise, o...
Pecan Icecream from Blue Moon Cafe Shepherdstown

Pecan Icecream @ Blue Moon Cafe

How do you pronounce Pecan? Some say peecan! So cool and refreshing with a nice hint of nutty pecan goodness. www.bluemoonshepherdstown.com ...