French Toast $6 @ Cava Mezze in Capitol Hill DC

Challah French Toast @ Cava Mezza in Capitol Hill DC

Go challah challah for unlimited brunch with French Toast from Cava Mezze a Greek American tapas restaurant on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market DC. It’s not dessert time, but when it comes to French Toast you can have it any time. We going French the Greek style which means its all about over feeding us. A table next to us made an order and it looked so beautiful and appetizing that we just had to get one or two of these. Easy delicious when enjoying their unlimited brunch, but on a normal day it cost $6. It’s not one of those flimsy thing toast and instead of a thick cut challah bread. So much flavor and crunch this Served with very sweet honey syrup, berries, and light cream. Unlike many heavy pieces of bread, this was pretty light and we didn’t feel like we are about to fall into a sugar coma. Good, now we can enjoy even more desserts

You really should consider doing their unlimited/bottomless brunch so you can truly enjoy every single dish of their fun menu. Plus if you fell into flavor love with an order you can have more of it.

www.cavamezze.com / Yelp / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / 527 8th St SE Washington, DC 20003