Chicken Sage Sausage Brunch $7 @ Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Chicken Sage Sausage @ Cava Mezza on Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Perfect Sunday morning starts with a nice big sausage like this Chicken Sage Sausage during brunch from Cava Mezze on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market in DC. Saw the waiter carry an order to the table next to us. The aroma and beauty of this dish just called out to us. So we placed an order as part of our unlimited bottomless brunch. Ah, it did not disappoint, the colors are so vibrant and grilling marked that made it even more appetizing. Looking at it just made us want to put that sausage into our mouth and go to town on our taste buds. Served with a nice light and slightly sweet sauce for that extra flavor. Every bite left us very happy nomster. The only thing that is truly disappointing is the size of this dish. It made us so happy that we just needed more. On a regular day, it cost $7, but best to enjoy it during their unlimited brunch. Not so bad since its part of the unlimited brunch so there is no guilt or extra price for getting a few more of them.

You really should consider doing their unlimited/bottomless brunch so you can truly enjoy every single dish of their fun menu. Plus if you fell into flavor love with an order you can have more of it.

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527 8th St SE Washington, DC 20003