Chilaquiles Chips Tapas $7 @ MASA 14 on U St in DC

Chilaquiles Chips Tapas $7 @ MASA 14 on U Street in Washington DC

Get crunchy brunch at unlimited brunch with Chilaquiles Tortilla Chips from Masa 14, Asian Latin fusion restaurant on U St in DC.
We go all chip on your tortillas. I don’t call chips a corn tortilla. I usually expect them to be big, so I was a little surprised by this. It’s an exciting dish with chorizo topped with corn tortillas (chips), queso, soft scrambled eggs and salsa verde. I didn’t think this chorizo had a lot of flavors, I’m using it has a powerful flavor, but here I’m not sure I even tasted it. In the end, I think all I tasted were the chips. It’s a fun dish. I’m all about unusual, but not sure I would order it again.

Make sure to come here for brunch and go with the unlimited course for $25 or $35 with unlimited drinks. Great way to try everything nomnom here, go all out and order up!