Not all recommendations are good like this Chili half Smoked hot dog from Ben’s Chili Bowl in Shaw, DC’s famous chili place. We were very excited to finally try this place as it’s trendy and well-known in the area. Everyone always asks about it and wants to go; after all, there are still lines outside. We sadly were very disappointed by what we saw and ate. You would think a sausage that is not just one meat, but a mix of pork and smoked beef would make this meat lover happy. The flavors were ok-ish; there was nothing that exciting, and even presentation is kind off. It looked more like something that happens after you eat food. Not very appealing. Maybe less chili at Ben’s Chili? I guess the price is not bad for just $6. Cheesy fries $5 were excellent though! Feels like we should come back, but not sure that chili is indeed calling our name.


Chili Half Smoked @ Ben's Chili Bowl in Shaw
2.2NOM Score

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