Little bits of choconoming. I think they were trying to kill us! We can barely move, think or even stay awake after amazing dinner and they go ahead and bring this out. We were just so outraged that we ate them up! its an assortment of different chocolates. Each taste completely different from the rest with unique chocolate goodness, caramel and so much more. So hard to tell which one we liked more, just so good. Perfect way to try different things they have to offer at this amazing Chocolate Bar.


Chocolates @ Co Co Sala
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Hi, I'm a food blogger who is eating the world one dish at the time. Its simple, I love to eat. Who doesn't? My goal is to share so much food that you just can't stop but drool. Fear the NOM! Embrace the NOM! Exploring local restaurants and share short reviews. Its not about the place, its about the dish and my hungry nomster. Lets eat.

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