Chorizo Frita from Frita Batidos

Chorizo Frita $8 @ Frita Batidos

Most amazing thing ever created! One of my most favorite things I’ve ever tasted, there is nothing like this in DC. That says a lot, I eat a whole lot of things. Came highly recommended as a must try place in Ann Arbor Michigan. They were right! Holy foodie how amazing this was. It was like the king of all sandwiches and then combined with even more awesomeness! There is so much going on both with ingredients and flavors. Like an explosion in my mouth. You got to add sunny side up egg on top, it makes it even more nomnom! Its one big mess, so get ready to be dirty, dirty good!! Should I eat it with my hands or a fork? Time to dig in! They really should open a DC location, DO IT NOWWW OR I WILL BITE YOU!