These cheesy lovers are super excited to share with you the joys of Cabot Cheese. Recently we attended a special cooking demonstration Chef Jimmy Kennedy that showcased different ways to use their dairy products. Cabot is a coop owned by 1,100 farm families throughout New York & New England. They strive on small family-owned farms with responsible farming to create some amazing dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, and so much. What makes it so appealing is that they are not factory farming and a more ethical treatment of animals.

Chef Jimmy Kennedy showcased the best dishes you can create with their dairy products from breakfast to tasty desserts. Everything we ate was simply amazing and just made us love cheese even more. We are happy to share with you some of our favorite dish with recipes available on their website. Chef Jimmy Kennedy with his big arms definitely won a warm spot in our hearts.

In addition, another coop, Divine Chocolate was also at the event promoting a similar farmer-owned company from Ghana that grows cocoa. You might have seen their products in many stores, but it was great to learn about their mission and benefits gained by the farmers.

Disclaimer: featured food was provided by Cabot Cheese as part of a Media Event, read more about disclaimer

Breakfast Parfait with Greek Yogurt

You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and maker of Cabot cheese got your back with several flavors of Greek Yogurt. They offer Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Honey, and of course Plain so it’s easy to create a nice morning parfait. It was great to start a foodie event with some breakfast, it did start at like 10:00 am and we get a bit cranky hangry in the morning. So our choice for the yogurty base was Plain Yogurt. We added some Granola, Strawberries, Chocolate Covered Matzo, and of course more chocolate from Divine Chocolate. You can never go wrong with some chocolate in the morning. This made for a great and very filling breakfast with 16-grams protein and many vitamins per serving. In case you are wondering about the ingredients, full list is available on Cabot website.

Cheddar Cream Biscuits

You haven’t had a biscuit until it comes combined with a whole lot of Cabot cheese. It’s like bacon, pretty much anything becomes so much better with it. Biscuits are no different, baked with cheese it brought them to a new level. This cheese lover loved them and it was hard to resist eating too many. After all, there are so many more dishes left. Learn how to make this cheesy creamy goodness with their Cheddar Cream Biscuits recipie.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

These cheesy boys are super excited when they started to make some fresh Monte Cristo Sandwich with Cabot cheese. This is one our favorite dishes that always highlight cheese. The cheese company sure knows how to make it with a very thick layer of gooey cheese, just like Monte Cristo should be. With an addition of Granny Smith apple and Vermont Syrup, it made for both savory and sweet dish. The combination of the two really struck our tooth buds and made for very happy noming. It’s common for the cheese to get overpowered by other ingredients like bread and ham, but not in this case. Cabot cheese retained both the texture and flavor through the whole processes. This was so good that we just couldn’t resist and ate few more of them. It’s just that good! Just in case this beautiful dish captured your hungry desires you can make one at home with their Monte Cristo Sandwich with Cabot Cheese recipie.

Mac n Cheese with Cabot Cheese

You can’t have a cheese event without Mac n Cheese especially when it’s company with a motto of MORE CHEESE! Unless this is your first time reading our blog, you know we love Mac n Cheese. Like really really crazy love it! It is one of our most favorite dishes so our bar is set as high as Boris (6’4″ / 2m). Good thing the cheese is in unlimited supply today to make it extra creamy. The sauce was freshly made right in front of us. Ah, every bite of this made us happy cheesy boys. We had lots of different toppings available for us, but in the end, this dish didn’t need any of. Just as good to enjoy it in its pure cheesy form. This is one of those recipes you just have to try making it at home here is their Mac n Cheese recipe.

Cheesy Desserts

Cheese is great with anything and you can even make desserts out of, so we were excited to see some Peanut Butter S’mores Cups and Gluten Free Blueberry Granola Cup. You would think with cheese these desserts would be heavy, but after finishing two it didn’t feel like sugar overload. We have little self-control when it comes to dessert. Sadly we couldn’t find a recipe for these two desserts, but you can find many other nom nom treats from their Desserts Recipe list.

Where Cheese Comes From, a Farm Chat

We all know where cheese comes from, unlike kids it’s not a stork. Unlike the big companies that perform ugly factory farming, these farmers take a more caring approach to cows. Many believe everything comes from cruel conditions of factory farming and Cabot Cheese wants people to know they are different. Cabot Cheese is a cooperative of small farms together working toward bringing us a quality product without cruel techniques. The whole conversation between media, bloggers, and farmers was very fascinating. We met and got to chat with one of the Dairy Farmers, Jenni Tilton Flood who you should really follow on twitter @jtiltonflood.

Where to Buy Cabot Products

Cabot products are pretty cheap ranging from $3 – $5 and available in many stores around the country like Giant, Whole Foods, Safeway, and Sniders. The products are also available from food delivery services like Amazon Fresh, Instacart , and Peapod. Click on links below to find the cheesy goodies:

Amazon FreshInstacartPeapodGiant Foods SuperstoreSafewaySniders Super Foods
Cooking with Cheesy Goodness of Cabot Cheese + Recipes
Mac n Cheese
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