You are overeating on some fantastic risotto at a restaurant by the masters of pig and fish while on an adventure in Rehoboth Delaware, the rainbow beach town. Right off the fork, you can see how beautiful this appetizer dish is. First, bite in, and we realized that we might have just tasted one of the most amazing recipes ever. Comes with lovely thick pieces of yummy bacon. This is a dish that you have to enjoy slowly in silence so as not to miss every single flavor. The soft boiled egg on top just completed this perfect dish. It added a lovely smooth texture and flavor, great with every bite. The enormous, beautiful portion that can easily be an entree for one person. Though it’s always better to share the joy of something so tasty, make sure and stop this excellent restaurant from trying their fantastic Risotto if you happened to be on vacation in Rehoboth.


Crispy Risotto Cake $9 @ Pig & Fish Rehoboth (CLOSED)
5.0NOM Score

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