Say hello to a Crumbs & Whiskers DC’s very first Cat Cafe. This Kickstarter funded cat cafe is a great new addition to Georgetown in Washington DC entertainment scenery. Located just a few blocks away from the main shopping street its just a step away. You know you wan to jump in and play with some kitties at two floors of dedicated play area. What makes this place super unique is that all cats are up for adoption. So if a kitty you been playing with snuggled up a warm spot in your heart, it can become part of your family.

Here is a video tour of the Cat Cafe and lots of pictures we took during the fun visit to DC’s very first Cat Cafe!

This place operates based on one hour long appointments that you should reserve online. On the weekends its 12 dollars an hour per person. In addition everyone in your party will need to sign release forms.Walk ins are very rare as spots fill up fast via online registration. There are many people who want to play with some kitties without need to own one. Plus you support a great cause of pet adoption.

You have to remember that while kitties are happy to see you, not all will want to play with you and some will just want to be on their own. So make sure not to wake a sleeping kitty, take flash photography or annoy a kitty that doesn’t really want to play, after all you are a guest at their house.

It was so much fun to walk around and see different kind of cats, the cafe has about 20 cats at the time. There were so many fuzzy little cuties around! Don’t just stay on first floor and make sure to roam around and play with all the kitties. Second floor has a lot more sun and different claiming things.

If you are not a cat owner, you might realize that some cats are just plain weird. The places they can find comfortable like railing of the stairs can’t be that pleasant to lay on and yet they do it.

What about the food you ask? You can order at the Crumbs and Whiskers, but all coffee and pasties are made next door at the GTown Bites coffee shop and brought to you. The coffee is not the best, but really you should come here just for the kitties and then enjoy a nice lunch or breakfast available from number of very good restaurants in the area. We end up going to Thunder Thunder Thunder Burger. Plus you can go to Baked and Wired which is one of our favorite cup cake places.

Its not exactly as a cat cafe you expect where you sit at the table and cats just roam around. For the most part all sitting is at the floor level on cushiness and few chairs along the wall. You order drinks and pastries from the front desk and they will bring it out to you when its delivered from next door coffee shop. You end up eating among the cats. Since there is no designated eating area you will need to make sure cats don’t steal any of your nomnoms. Though for the most part none of them were interested in our food.

Overall cat cafe was a great experience, they are so cute and adorable that we just wanted to play with them all. Of course not all cats wanted to play and some just wanted to sleep or chill on their own. So pretty much a normal cat. It was a great experience, kind of wish food and coffee were better, but e came here for kitties and not food. Its defiantly one of the must visit places in DC area and the country. So make sure to stop by Crumbs and Whiskers for your needed kitty play time and maybe find a new member of your family.


Crumbs & Whiskers First Cat Cafe in Washington DC
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