The Ras Malai was also known as Indian Cheesecake was by far one of our most favorite dishes from the trip to Bangalore India. Oberoi Hotel with its amazing restaurants introduced us to some of the best food. Le Jardin introduced us to some great new dishes and this dessert was one of our favorites. Let’s just say not everyone might be into Indian food, but everyone should be into their desserts. It’s all about the spices, ingredients working together to wow your taste buds and not sugar. Don’t let the simple look fool you, this is a complex dish that requires a lot. Online the recipe calls for sugary white cream and soaked in milk cream and then cooked in sugar syrup and milk with saffron, pistachios and so much more. It had this great milk, cream and pistachio flavors with a firm texture that yet tasted so soft. The dessert had a great light flavor of milk It looks so delicate that this is one of those desserts you have to enjoy very slowly to savor every single bite. Plus don’t forget to enjoy it with some fruits, we are especially big fans of combination with watermelon. We do need to find a restaurant back home that serves this Indian Cheesecake, because MUST HAVE IT AGAIN!!!!

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Discover the amazing beauty of Indian Cheesecake from Oberoi
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